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Council has received and publicly notified in the Franklin County News on Thursday 28th January 2021 a resource consent application by Gull New Zealand Limited.

Gull New Zealand Ltd have applied for land use consent for the construction of a 24-hour self-service fuel station at 72 Great South Road, in the Pokeno Business Centre and adjoining Market Square. The proposed service station will operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and be self-service with no regular staff on site except for fuel deliveries. The station shall provide diesel, 91, and 98 Petrol across three pumps and six dispensaries. Two 60,000L underground tanks are proposed to be installed for fuel storage. In addition to this, an air pump shall be provided for cars and car tyres. There shall also be a 6 m2 shed on site for site maintenance, a bin with a spill kit for cleaning, and a 6 m high sign advertising the station and current fuel prices. Two carparks shall be provided on site, and two separate crossings for an entrance and exit are also proposed.

The application overall falls to be a Non-Complying Activity under the Operative Waikato District Plan- Franklin Section (ODP) and no consent is required under the Proposed Waikato District Plan.

The key elements of the proposal are as follows:

  • Earthworks of up to 772 m3 to prepare the site, including excavation up to 4.5 m to install two 60,000 L underground fuel tanks.
  • The construction of three pairs of fuel pumps (for 91-octane, 95-octane, and diesel), storage shed for site maintenance with an emergency spill kit, and a 6 m high sign to display fuel prices.
  • Two carparks on site, and a pump for tyre air pressure
  • Two vehicle crossings onto Great South Road to serve as entry and exit-only respectively.
  • 24-hour operation of the service station
  • An expected traffic volume of 600 vehicles per day, including 60 per hour during peak hours. One tanker truck per day to refill the storage tanks.
  • Amenity planting of a 1m high hedge along the sides and rear of the site with a 0.9 m high picket fence in front, and a 0.4 m high hedge between the vehicle entrances. Open space shall be provided at the front of the Church Street Boundary to provide for visibility for traffic.

If you have any questions about this application please contact: Milan Covic Phone: 0800 492 452 Email:

Submissions close 5pm Friday 26th February 2021.