Reserve Management Plans are produced by Council to outline the future use, management, and development of reserves.

During December 2018 and January 2019, we asked the community and key stakeholders for their ideas and suggestions about what they wanted to see in the Reserve Management Plan for Woodlands Estate. We considered all suggestions carefully and where possible, included these in the draft Reserve Management Plan.

We are now coming back to you with the draft Reserve Management Plan for further feedback. A concept plan has also been prepared and we want to know if you think we’ve got this right.

As a key historic homestead and garden area, Woodlands Estate is one of several individual reserve management plans being prepared throughout the district. The homestead and gardens are used by both the local community, and those who visit the reserve for recreation, play, relaxation, activities and events.

The Woodlands Estate Reserve Management Plan will be kept under continuous review to ensure that it is appropriate and relevant.

All submissions that are made on this draft Reserve Management Plan and concept plan will be presented to Council.

Submissions have now closed.