Council is proposing to make a new Water Supply Bylaw 2023. The proposed Bylaw contains Council's rules for protecting our water supply.

Council is responsible for ensuring a supply of ‘potable’ (drinking) water to ratepayers connected to a water supply system. Council’s water supply network includes almost 18,000 connections, of which 99% are metered. It is estimated that 50% of rateable properties in the district are connected to a water supply network.

The purpose of the proposed Bylaw is to:

  1. Promote the efficient use of water and protect against waste or misuse of water from our water supply system.
  2. Protect our water supply and water supply system from pollution and contamination.
  3. Manage and protect structures and infrastructure associated with the water supply system from damage, misuse, or loss of land.
  4. Prevent the unauthorised use of land, structures or infrastructure associated with our water supply system.

For the proposed Bylaw and changes, please refer to the Statement of Proposal, Proposed Water Supply Bylaw and Proposed Water Supply Bylaw (track changes).

Consultation has now closed. Council adopted the final bylaw on 18 December 2023.

For any questions, please contact us on