In August 2017 we partnered with Xtreme Zero Waste and the Ministry for the Environment to offer Raglan a kerbside food waste collection service. This has been running as a fully funded service to those who already receive a kerbside refuse and recycling collection.

We understand the service has been working successfully and is well received by the community. The fully-funded service period is due to finish at the end of June 2019. In March and April we asked for your feedback on whether or not you use the service, if you value the service, and if you would be willing to pay a targeted rate from 1 July 2019 for the service to continue.

The cost to continue the service would be $1.52 per week (or $79.29 per annum) and will continue to include all the equipment and the compostable bags delivered to your house. The service would continue as it has August 2017. If other funding opportunities are discovered that support the service in the future, Council will pass on any savings to the community.

To determine the level of support for the proposal we asked for your feedback. Submissions closed for this consultation on 26 April 2019. A report went to the May Strategy and Finance Committee before moving to the full Council meeting in June.

Council made the decision to not implement a targeted rate to continue the service however will consider the service as part of a wider review of the way we deliver solid waste services throughout the district.