Raglan community has been diverting food waste away from landfill for almost five years and Xtreme Zero Waste has been processing it into high quality compost.

Three years ago, the Council consulted with the Raglan community on whether it was willing to pay a targeted rate for the food waste collection service to continue following a funded trial period. 60% of respondents indicated they were not willing to pay a targeted rate and subsequently Council decided to withdraw its funding of the service.

Since that time the service has continued thanks to Xtreme Zero Waste’s self-funding of the service and a year-long funding grant from WDC.

But, for the service to continue beyond July 2022, a targeted rate is required to cover operational costs.

The rate would be $72.90 per household. This includes a weekly collection of food scraps from the kerb and includes the caddy liners for the indoor kitchen caddy.

Benefits of a food waste collection service

  • Following a rubbish bag audit in 2018, the results showed that Raglan had an average of 35% food waste in their blue prepaid rubbish bag that goes to landfill
  • Raglan’s food waste collection service enables households to divert more waste from their prepaid rubbish bags.
  • With a six-fold increase on the waste levy over the next four years, waste disposal to landfill will cost significantly more.
  • The kerbside food waste collection offers an alternative for the community both in terms of environment and economy.
  • The Government’s Emission Reduction Plan (ERP) has identified organics, including food waste, as a priority to divert from landfill.
  • Food waste emits greenhouse gases; methane and carbon dioxide, in addition, as the resource value when converted to compost is lost when sent to landfill.
  • Meeting national targets and international commitments are a priority to address climate impacts and the challenges of increasing waste to landfill.
  • Removing food scraps from waste and diverting from landfill is valuable as it reduces public and environmental costs and keeps valuable resources in the community where it can be made into local products and create job opportunities.

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