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We are grateful for the feedback we have received to date through the drop-in sessions earlier this year, which has shaped our draft Ngaaruawaahia, Hopuhopu, and Taupiri Structure Plan and Ngaaruawaahia Town Centre Plan.

Now that we have had time to process and analysis your aspirations, we have created some possible project ideas that could be seen in your community, but we are needing your help to rank what projects are a priority for your community!

Have a look at the map below for the project ideas and let us know what you think through the form at the bottom of this page, or by attending one of our drop-in sessions, as displayed in the column to the right.

A Structure plan is a guiding framework for the development or redevelopment of an area that will help define the future development and land use patterns, areas of open space, the layout and nature of infrastructure (including transportation links), constraints and key features that influence the effects of development are also considered and managed.

Ngaaruawaahia, Hopuhopu and, Taupiri should not be seen in isolation from each other; they all play a substantial part in the fabric of schooling, community services, business and retail.

Ngaaruawaahia Town

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Let us know what you think by Sunday 8 October 2023