He noohanga aahuru, he iwi whai ora, he haapori tuuhono tahi

Our vision: liveable, thriving and connected communities

We are consulting with our communities on our Long Term Plan 2021-31 (LTP).

A Long Term Plan sets out our vision, direction, work plan and budgets for the next 10 years.

We update our LTP every three years to make sure that it is still relevant, accurate, and keeps us moving towards our goals and community outcomes. Our vision is that we work together to build liveable, thriving and connected communities as our district grows.

We've prepared for you a consultation document that outlines key decision we need to make that will affect you. In particular, we want your feedback on:

  • General rates increases
  • Inorganic kerbside collection service
  • Pensioner housing

You can find other useful documents that can help you to make a submission on our Supporting Information page

Submissions on the LTP 2021-31 have closed

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Submissions have closed