Council is currently reviewing some of our community halls and how these are funded. Community halls receive funding through a targeted rate which is funded by ratepayers located in the ‘catchment’ area of a community hall. Hall committees have requested these changes to fund maintenance and day-to-day operation of these council-owned halls.

Key changes proposed are:

  • Karioitahi, Aka Aka and Otaua Halls – Council is proposing to extend the catchment areas and increase the targeted rate to $55.
  • Te Akau and Naike Halls – Minor change, where three properties are proposed to move from the Naike catchment area into Te Akau catchment area. No change to the targeted rate is proposed.

The proposed change to the targeted rates are:

Hall catchment

Current targeted Rate

Proposed targeted rate




Aka Aka






Proposed changes to catchment areas in the form of maps can be viewed in the Statement of Proposal below.

Making a submission

Submissions open on Wednesday 7 April and close at 5pm, Friday 7 May, 2021. Hearings will be held on 25 to 28 of May 2021. Deliberations will follow on 1 and 3 June 2021.

Drop in Session

There will also be a drop in session held as part of consultation on the Long Term Plan 2021-31 at Otaua Hall on Tuesday 20th April from 6.30pm-8pm

Submissions have now closed