We want to hear from you!

We are about to begin the review of the Cemeteries Bylaw and are undertaking early engagement to gauge how the bylaw is currently operating for the public and what areas need improving. The feedback received from this early engagement will help us shape the Bylaw review in preparation for formal public consultation due to begin later this year.

In particular, we are seeking your input around the following:

  • Natural burials (not currently offered by Waikato District Council), and
  • Dogs in Cemeteries (as a result of the Dog Control Bylaw and Policy review process)

Early engagement allows you, the public, to take on a more participatory role in the process and have your say on issues that affect you at the very beginning of the process.

Early engagement is a valuable tool and engaging with the community early on in the process helps us to quickly identify any problem/s and develop a document well-equipped to deal with them.

The feedback you provide us with at this stage will shape the bylaw that will go out for formal consultation later on this year.